Ethiopia Gidey (Organic)

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Ethiopia Gidey (Organic)


A 250g bag of coffee packed so that it can be delivered though your letterbox (applies to single bag orders only).

Coffee notes:

This coffee comes from a farm far in the West of Ethiopia in an area known as Limu Kossa, Gidey farms his coffee on a 350 hectare farm that sits at 1840-2130 meters above sea level. The farm is meticulously maintained, from the trees to the signs dividing the lot sections. The land was once wild forest and has been thinned slightly to accommodate the coffee, but the feeling of quiet solitude pervades amongst the native trees.

Profile: Strawberry, blackberry, lime. Very wild and floral, with loads of sweetness and a long finish. Cup score: 87

A coffee that is good for all brewing methods but excels in an AeroPress or hand drip filter.

Cafetiere/Drip Filter/AeroPress/Moka Pot/Espresso

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